3rd Division's Supreme Dojo

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3rd Division's Supreme Dojo

Post by Awesome-xS on Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:59 am

3rd Division's Supreme Dojo

Hi everyone!

We of the 3rd Division LOVE to spar and better ourselves in our fighting skillz (and spar skillz)
So: We have a Supreme Dojo!

We welcome EVERYONE of EVERY division and of EVERY race.
But.. we DO have some rules around here:

1. This is OUR DOJO! Clean up after you left, or I'll be VERY angry tongue..
2. NO GODMODING! (This includes: making every attack on your opponent hit, not getting tired during the fight, evade ever attack of your opponent, always have anough reiatsu for your ultimate attack, etc..)
3. Fight to your seat! NEVER fight as a captain when you're a recruit! (There will be a power ranking posted where you can see which attack you can use on what seat.)
4. Keep it fair, but try to take advantage of your enemy's weak points. (Example: if your zanpaktou is a water-type and your opponent's is a fire-type, you can block SOME attacks by "drowning" his zanpaktou. SOME attack, not all.. or maybe you can "weaken" him. But your opponent HAS to suffer from something, or else he's godmoding.. or it's a captain.. tongue)
5. But most important of all: HAVE FUN! Haru or me will be checking on the fights here, to give tips and hints and to monitor your NON-GODMODING-fight Smile



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