Raine & Shu's Hollow Hunter Companion Breeding Facility

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Raine & Shu's Hollow Hunter Companion Breeding Facility

Post by Raine Eve on Sat Sep 27, 2008 11:08 pm

Looking for a companion to accompany you on those dangerous missions into Hueco Mundo? Or perhaps some added protection for those lonely nights where you're assigned to patrol a somewhat foreign territory? Then look no further. Here Hisagi and I dedicate our time and love into breeding specialty Shinigami companion animals.

What is a SSCA?: A specialty Shinigami companion animal or SSCA is a beast bred in order to aid their soul reaper master in their dangerous missions and tasks. Each animal is bred with a highly sensitive sense of reiatsu and finely tuned, acute senses, making them perfect Shinigami companions. Their advanced bloodlines are enhanced to ensure the animals superior intellect, strength, cunning, stealth, agility and sense of duty. Depending on the beast chosen as a companion, they may be able to perform tasks ranging from tracking to personal protection, and even all out offensive attacks in the face of Hollows. We specially train each animal to the needs of it's prospective owner.

Our Animals:

We offer 3 main species of animals here. Wolves, Horses, and Birds of prey.


Suited for tracking Hollows as well as loyally defending their masters. All our canines are trained through the highest levels of scent/sight/reiatsu tracking, obedience, personal protection, a well as stealth and on request offensive measures. Though fierce in the face of battle our pups are loyal and loving through and through. Shinigami's best friend indeed ^^


Originally bred for ornamental value and displays of honor and class the Shinigami horse has evolved through time. Now these noble animals are bred for not only their beauty, but there versatility and strength as well. They serve as mounts for long expeditions as well as a means to transport Soul Reapers and parcels alike. Often seen as gentle, passive giants these creature's fighting spirit is often over looked. Our horses are bred for all purposes... their attribute's strength depending on their are of work. Swiftness for transport, muscle mass and size for manual labor, and an unbridled sense of honor as they charge into battle with their bonded Shinigami rider. You won't find a finer equine.

Birds of Prey

We offer nearly any breed of BOP imaginable. From falcons to pheasants and a few corvids (crows and ravens) in between, you will find them roosting here. They serve predominantly as scouts and means to convey important documented messages. We've found that out of all our animals these birds have the top reiatsu sensitivity, able to sense even a weakling hollow approaching even before they open their portals. Leaving no chance for any high level hollow or Arrancar to go undetected. They are each hand-fed from birth and handler broken at an early age to ensure best training results. All our birds are trained in reiatsu tracking/sensing, message delivery, arial combat as well as attacking targets on voice command.

- - - - - - -

If you're interested in anything you've seen please don't hesitate to ask questions or pop in to experience the animals first hand ^^ They're all very friendly and love the attention. We're always looking for volunteers to come and play and interact as well! ^w^

Or if you've already decided a SSCA is for you just fill out this simple form and we'll make sure we can find the best possible companion for you and your specific needs.

Your Name:
Division / Rank / Line of duty:
SSCA Animal Applying For: Wolf / Horse / B.O.P.
Species: (If applicable. For example a hawk versus a falcon for a B.O.P)
Desired Traits/Attributes:
Gender Preference:
Color Preference:
Anything else you would like us to consider when selecting a fitting companion or breeding:

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed your stay ^^

~ Raine Eve
- Hisagi Shuhei
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