3rd Division Uniform Signature Request Shop

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3rd Division Uniform Signature Request Shop

Post by Awesome-xS on Sun Oct 26, 2008 5:33 pm

Hey 3rd Division!

Ichiharu and I decided to make our division more close by adding a Uniform Signature.

To personalize your own Signature, you can have your own color and your own picture in it.
For examples look at Haru's or my sig!

Form for Uniform Sig:

Name:<your username>
Rank:<your rank>
Color:<the color you want your sig to be>
Picture:<who do you want in your sig, can also be a link>
Motto:<optional: the motto you want to add in your sig>

[OCC: This division doesnt have a motto yet, but when it does, the motto will be added to every uniform sig. You can then still add your own "motto"/slogan.

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