2nd Division's Rankings

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2nd Division's Rankings

Post by Riku Izumi on Wed Oct 01, 2008 12:12 am

This is where the Rankings will be posted

Active Members Highlighted Green
Semi-Active Members Highlighted Orange
Non-Active Members Highlighted Red

Captain: Riku Izumi
Vice Captain: L-chan

3rd Seat: ~None~
4th Seat: ~None~
5th Seat: ~None~
6th Seat: ~None~
7th Seat: ~None~
8th Seat: ~None~
9th Seat: ~None~
10th Seat: ~None~
11th Seat: ~None~
12th Seat: ~None~
13th Seat: ~None~
14th Seat: ~None~
15th Seat: ~None~
16th Seat: ~None~
17th Seat: ~None~
18th Seat: ~None~
19th Seat: ~None~
20th Seat: ~None~

Recuits: ~None~
Non-seated Members: ~None~

if your know your not going to be on for a few days make sure to post a pm to either Me or L-chan telling us when you think you're gonna be back, dont just leave without giving us a reason
if you are absent for more that 4 weeks without a reasonable excuse you will be kicked out of the division

Admin and Taicho of 2nd Division (aka Captain Kicks Your Butt :p)
King of the Kyuuketsuki Clan
Holder of the Nosebleed Yaoi-force piece XD
Riku and Dio on a quest for their warm american pie XD
Riku Izumi
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