death wish (a story i'm writing)

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death wish (a story i'm writing)

Post by ruka on Wed Oct 22, 2008 3:21 pm

hmm... ayt, here's chapter one.

hope it makes sense.


Drake – Is a death seeker who can grant wishes to the ones who wishes it.

Fate Fall- A girl who changes Drake’s view in life.

Cyrus Leblanc – an ambitious billionaire who seeks power and fame, and also Fate’s fiancé.

Damian Leblanc – Cyrus’s envious brother who likes Fate as well

Eternal – A multibillion Dollar Empire owned by the Leblanc’s

Chapter One
Cyrus Leblanc

“Life… Death… Good... Evil… Light and Darkness…” Someone sighted. “I don’t get it…” from a dark alley he waited. “Any of it.” waited for everything to end.

“What a beautiful day…” a boy happily said laying on the seemingly endless grass field playing with the clouds in his mind. “You shouldn’t lie there you know.” A woman said sitting on a tire swing not very far from the boy. Her name was Ally.

“Just let me enjoy this moment for a while.” The boy responded still playing with the clouds in his head. “You do know that happiness is dispensable right?” Ally swung her way around the tire swing as the boy sat up confused with a puzzled face. “Dispensable? What do you mean mother?” the boy asked looking over at his dead mother’s lifeless body. “Mom?” he run over top her in great fear of the unknown. “MOM!?” he asked once more as darkness devoured his entire being.

The sound of an angry alarm sounds all over dark empty room. “Sir?” the butler asked opening the curtains of the room. “Sir Cyrus, you’re going to be late for work.” The butler walked up near his sleeping master. “Dante… 5…more… minutes…” Cyrus replied with half of his senses covering his face with two pillows. “I’m sorry for doing this sir, but this was your own order.” Dante replied pouring chilled water over his sleeping master.
“What’s the big Idea!?” Cyrus knelt suddenly pulling Dante’s face as Dante fought back poking Cyrus with the serving tray.

Moments later “I’m, just obeying orders Sir.” Dante smiled. “Take note Dante.” Cyrus mumbled rubbing his head Dry with a towel. “Never Listen to your master when his drunk.” He continued walking over to the vanity mirror admiring himself.

The Leblanc mansion has many servants, the youngest was the young master’s butler and his name is Dante.

Dante is also his half cousin, his family is poor, but the Leblanc family took his whole family in, thus he ended up being Cyrus Leblanc’s Butler.

“DANTE!” Cyrus yelled running down the stairs fixing his tie and panicking. “Hurry.” He continued walking out waiting for the limo.
“Sir.” Dante gave Cyrus’s suit case and opened the limo door for him. “Dante.” Cyrus always saw Dante as an older brother whom he admire though his just a butler. “Thank you.” Cyrus said and hugged Dante, then went straight inside the limo. “Oh, sir, good luck on your first day as president.” Dante smiled. “Oh, Dante.” Cyrus stalled before Dante could’ve closed the door. “Yes sir?” Dante asked. “Quit calling me Sir, call me Cyrus, It feels weird.” Cyrus moped pouting a little. “oh.. ok.. Cyrus.” Dante said finally closing the door, sending his master off to Eternal Leblanc Empire.

Running Late on his first day as President of Eternal, Cyrus pondered, was he or was he not ready. “I wish I was better at this.” And that was the cue that I’ve been waiting for.

“Hello… Cyrus…” Fate has its own way of making things happen, “Who..? who are you?” but not on my watch. “That’s not really important at the moment… What’s important is to know what you really want to know…” Like all the other people I appeared to. “Driver! There’s a stranger here at the back with me! Stop the car and help me!” they call for help. But no one can really help them, can they? “It’s useless… Cyrus…” I laughed; it’s amusing how they don’t understand my existence in this world. “Hold on…” Cyrus realized it already, maybe his not that dumb after all. “Am I dead? Are you death? How did you know my name?” Cyrus said calming down a bit composing him self. “BIGNO! Well not technically, I’m here to negotiate your death before those weirdo’s take your life away from you.” Honestly speaking. “Who? What are you talking about?” I dunno what I am. “Them.” or who they are. Cyrus looked from where I pointed and saw it. “What... in the world.” He jumped away from it. “So Cyrus?” Cause I only exist for this kind of job. “you ready to die?” I winked at him. “ahhh, you’re crazy, who would ever wanna die cause of that creature.” Cyrus was a scardy cat. “So that’s a yes then?” But Cyrus seems to have fainted. “Just perfect.” The shadow like creature is nearing him; I guess I have no choice. “Vanish!”

“Sir?” Dante slowly said. “Are you awake now?” Dante asked. “dante…” Cyrus said trying to open his eyes. “A dream?” Cyrus thought opening his eyes completely seeing nothing but white lights. “Sir? He woke up, Sir Damian.” Dante called for Cyrus’s older brother. “Brother?” Cyrus wondered looking over at his brother, as it looked, it seemed like he was at a hospital.

Cyrus slowly sat up holding his head feeling all weak outside but better inside. “The meeting... What happened to it?” Cyrus asked remembering the strange person he encountered during the car ride going to work “It couldn’t possibly… be real…” he thought. “The meeting?” Damian swooped inside grabbing an apple tossing it around then laughed. “You missed it… obviously” Damian smirked biting the same apple he was tossing around.

Seeing to as how everyone reacted except for his arrogant brother, something was terribly wrong. “Dante… what happened?” Cyrus asked seeking response to his question. “Well sir…” Dante was about to speak but Damian interrupted. “Well you see brother, while in a comma for a year, our father died and left everything to you.” Damian said grabbing another apple. “Dad…. Died? Comma? A year? No it cant be…” Cyrus said forcing his self to stand up. “You’re lying right? I can remember clearly that it was just yesterday that I had to attend the meeting.” Cyrus stood up pushing everyone who tried to help him up. “Dante?” Cyrus asked looking over at Dante, but Dante just bowed his head down. “So it’s true, it’s really been a year huh?” Cyrus sat silently and cried. “Father…” He said grieving for the year and for the death of his father. “heh. So now that you’re awake, you can run the company now again.” Damian battered walking out of the room “I’m off to somewhere else, I cant stand the site of my weak brother.” Damian continued walking out the hospital door straight to his car.

“Weak…” Cyrus said slowly laughing little by little, “I’ll show you who’s weak… Damian…” He laughed loudly as if he found new strength with in him, the same strength Dante never thought that existed within his master. “Dante.” Cyrus called onto Dante. “Yes sir?” Dante walked over near to Dante as Cyrus stood up. “Get the care were leaving.” Cyrus demanded. “But sir…” Dante tried explaining the situation “Get the car… Butler…” Cyrus said walking out as well. “If not, I’m walking home, I wont stay in this place any second longer.” Cyrus said laughing out loud pushing everyone out of his way.

“Cy…rus..” Dante noticed the big Difference all of the sudden, but before Cyrus could’ve gotten out of the bldg he fainted.

“SIR!” Dante said running to his master’s rescue.

“Death… I hope you know what you’re doing.” I said to my self. “I hope you know what you asked for as well…” I sighted, “Cyrus Leblanc”

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