Schwarz Kreuz Training Facility

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Schwarz Kreuz Training Facility

Post by Sakuya Ishida on Tue Sep 30, 2008 6:36 pm

Within the Quincy Headquarters exists a training facility known only to the Quincy. Going to the elevator leading to the basement, a retina and print scan are both required. The basement itself is broken down in to multiple rooms. One for full out Quincy spars; another for the training of more inexperienced fighters; another for the purpose of solitary training; a room containing the armory where all material bows, arrows, swords, shields, uniforms, and other accesories are kept; and a few others for the soul purpose of preparing for battle. All of these rooms are made out of a dark grey steel that absorbs the spiritual powers of the Quincy. This is the Schwarz Creuz Training Facility.

((Quincy Only in this training area please. Please obey all forum rules and attempt to make all posts 30+ words in this thread. Thank you!))
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Re: Schwarz Kreuz Training Facility

Post by HolyDeathNote on Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:32 am

Zenbunny walks into the armory searching for a seel schnieder that uses more spirit particles than the regular one. ZB picked one up and instantly realized that he felt weaker.

Is it because of this? Wow, i didn't expect its power to be this intense. He goes out to the meditating room (made especially for him because sakuya-chan knows that Meditating is good for the mind and body ;D)

Happy Place

As Zenny was slowly meditating, he was trying to figure out how best to perfect hirenkyaku for the best in offence. He was slowly thinking. If hirenkyaku was just the high speed movement, then why can't there be after images from those movements? If viewed like a slow videotape, then there shoudl be after-images to it. If so, then would it not be possible to exert some reiatsu into the images to have it stay a longer time? But i need to concentrate on fighting as of now.

As Zenny was thinking of this, he felt the spiritual pressure of the gray steel walls push in on his mind and body. **i have to outlast this pain...its the only... way to get stronger...**

As Zenny slowly stood up, he tried to call forth his bow, but the crest doesn't respond. **is the spirit particle pressure that intense?** he tries it again. Nothing happens **I'm going to have to concentrate very hard on this...** His brow furrows.
13 Days Later

Zenny is standing in the middle of a long long long long long long room with wooden targets at the end. Zenny calls forth his bow. A bow-like thing appears on his hand, only 2 feet in diameter **Damn... its already been 13 days and my bow is still this small... i need to concentrate harder....i think i'm getting the hang of it though...** Zenny shot a couple arrows and they all fell short of the wooden targets.... Zenny keeps shooting at the targets, each time falling short of them. Not even close. ** I need to concentrate on regulating the flow of spirit particles to my bow.** the bow slightly grows larger by 2 cm.** The bow dissipates and Zenny drops to the ground drenched in sweat and gasping for breath. Zenny stands up once again and tries once again. The bow materializes but is significantly smaller than the last. All the arrows don’t even go past 10 feet…**I need… to… keep….on….training… ** Zenny collapses and faints on the floor

2 months later

Bz.Bzz…..bZZZT…BZZTT! Zenny’s bow appears, now, the normal size if he weren’t training in the spirit particle pressured place. **After two months, I’ve finally achieved the highest level of bow fighting.** **However, I still need to perfect my

Zenny leaves the vicinity, with a whole new level of having mastered Archery. Now to work on Hirenkyaku...

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