2nd Division Kidou List

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2nd Division Kidou List

Post by L-chan on Sat Sep 27, 2008 4:06 am

Here is the list of Kidou that the Second Division may use:

Bakudou Spells:

1. Restrain (Sai) — Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.
4. Crawling Rope (Hainawa) — An energy rope entangles a target's arms.
9. Strike (Geki) — Engulfs a target in red light, completely paralyzing them.
39. Circular Shield (Enkosen)— Summons a shield of condensed reiatsu to block opponents' attacks.
58. Summoning of the Tracking Sparrows (Kakushitsuijaku) — Tracks and locates any spiritual force the user focuses on. To activate it, the user must draw a circle on the ground, cut into four parts with a specific character in each. The incantation animates the circle, causing various numbers to appear within until the specific set is found. The number set seems to be a variation on longitude and latitude.
61. Six Rods Prison of Light (Rikujoukourou) — Summons six thin, but wide, beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place.
63. Chainlike Desert (Sajou Sabaku) — The target is wrapped from the neck down in a thick chain.
75. Quintet of 1 kan Iron Pillars (Gochuutekkan) — Summons five incredibly tall and thick pillars to pin a target to the ground.
77. Heavenly Rickshaws in Silken Air (Tenteikuura) — Transmits messages to anyone within a specific area. In addition to reciting the spell, the user must draw specific markings on their arms, which are animated by the spell to convey the messages.
81. Splitting Void (Dankuu) — Creates an energy barrier in the form of a rectangular wall. It is capable of stopping Hadou spells up to #89.

Captains and Vice Captains:

99. Part 1. Restrict (Kin) — Binds the arms of a target with spiritual fabric and iron shafts.
99. Part 2. Great Seal (Bankin) — This spell's effects are divided into three "songs":
First Song: Halting Fabric (Shokyoku: Shiryuu) covers a target from head to toe with spiritual fabric.
Second Song: Hundred Linked Bolts (Nikyoku: Hyakurensan) stabs the target with numerous metal blades.
Final Song: Great Seal of 10,000 Forbiddings (Shuukyoku: Bankin Taihou) smashes the target with an immense metal cube.

Hadou Spells:

1. Thrust (Shou) — Pushes the target away from the caster.
4. White Lightning (Byakurai) — Fires a concentrated bolt of white lightning from the caster's forefinger.
31. Shot of Red Fire (Shakkahou) — Fires a ball of red fire at a target.
33. Blue Fire, Crash Down (Soukatsui) — Fires a column of blue fire at a target in a similar manner to 31, but over a wider area and with more power.
54. Abolishing Flames (Haien) — Fires a blast of purple fire that will incinerate a target completely when it makes contact.
58. Imperial Inspection (Tenran) — A widening tornado-like blast is fired towards the target.
63. Thunder Roar Cannon (Raikouhou) — Fires a massive wave of yellow lightning at a target.
73. Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down (souren soukatsui) — Essentially a doubled version of #33, this spell fires two shots of blue fire with greater potency than the single-shot variety.
88. Flying Dragon Striking, Heaven-Shaking, Lightning Cannon (Hiryuugekizokushintenraihou) — Fires a massive blast of spiritual energy in a fashion similar to a laser.

Captains and Vice Captains:

90. Black Coffin (Kurohitsugi) — Forms a box of black energy around a target, which is then pierced by dozens of energy "spears", lacerating the one inside from head to toe.

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