The Hidden Land

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The Hidden Land

Post by Roan Oakranr on Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:29 am

*Roan carefully walked through the area he once called home over a century ago. Stepping over rocks, small boulders more like, and being careful not to trip over any roots. Roan walked to a place he and his friends always went to. Long ago, he and his friends found themsleves here, just outside of the Zaraki district. They called it the 'Hidden Land', because it was almost comeplety hidden in the growth of trees. Roan reached the spot his friends had always hung out at. The Wall around all of Seireitei and Rukon had, for some reason, been gouged out to form almost a cave. In the cave were a small collection of tombstones*

Its good to see you guys again...

*He sits in front of one of the tombstones, bows his head and prays*

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{Hangmans coming down from the gallows, and I dont have very long}¬_¬
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