WELCOME to the Marriage Halls

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WELCOME to the Marriage Halls

Post by Awesome-xS on Tue Dec 16, 2008 3:51 am

Marriage Halls


Hi everyone! Welcome to the Marriage Halls!

Here you can host your wedding, but also your party, your speeches, your Holiday-presents give-away and much more!

We have different sub-sections, for if you want your party or wedding be a private occasion:

-The Private Wedding Wing:
With a meeting point:

-The Private Announcement Room/ Small Private Party Room: (with stage)

And ofcourse:
-The Christmas Presents Chapel:

If you want to reservate one of these rooms, please PM me, so I can update the Planning Agenda.
The Agenda is there to make sure there are no 2 weddings/parties planned on the same day.
So: please check in the Agenda before PM'img me your special date.


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