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Magic Stick

Post by ruka on Sat Nov 22, 2008 3:07 pm

burning the bad habit
i never really had it
the hardest part is to admit it.

anyway, here's the poem.


Lit with a match, a magic stick
suck them up till they make you sick
envy life from the highest cliff
live along, till you slowly drift

Sink, sink deep, till both ends meet
all along, you hated these clicks
knew it from the very first stick
you lit them up, with your magic stick

Slowly you drown till, you choke from the sin
search for escape, you never achieved
angry, you frown, cause the world is your sin
lit them up with a magic stick

Burn, they all die, in the dead of the night
the friends you once know, now seeks for a life
at home you sit alone, fishing for dreams
seeking for signs, with blinded scenes

you live all alone with the stick now your own
visit places where you've never been before
once you're in, there's no turning back
light up the world with your magic stick

burning the habit... is it too much to ask?

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