3rd Division Dorms & Sports Centre

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3rd Division Dorms & Sports Centre

Post by Awesome-xS on Mon Oct 27, 2008 3:11 am

The Division Dorms and Sports Centre
[For 3rd Division only.]

In the dorms, on the 1st Floor, you all will have our own room and bathroom (with bath! Very Happy ).
The room is quite big, about 30 m2 and has a big slide-window, which can take you to your balcony.
Every room has a linencloset for your shinigami-trainingsoutfit and your combat outfit and ofcourse a large mirror.
Also: Everyone has a phone, just dial the number of the room of the person you want to talk to and invite people for a party! (hint hint)

The Offices of the Divisional Leaders (Captain & VC) are on the 2nd Floor. If there's any problem you would like to discuss, please come and visit us.
On the same floor there's also the Conference Room. If Haru or me has something important to tell you guys, we will do it there. This is also the room where we will have our monthly Ideas&Suggestions-meeting.

Also there is a Sports Centre, which you can visit by taking the lift up to the 3rd Floor. It consist of the Fitness Room and the Training Room. The Training Room is used to teach lower seated officers how to spar, by showing them certain handy moves or you can teach/learn kidou. The room is surrounded by a soundproof and kidou/spar/zanpaktou-energy proof barriere, so that no one will get hurt outside the trainingfield.

On the 4th floor there is a Restaurant with an open Cinema corner.
In the Cinema will be a lot of movies/series played, like
-The Dark Shinigami [remake of The Dark Knight]
-Sex and Seiretei [remake of Sex and the city]
-Inoue [remake of Oprah]
-Kung Fu Kon [remake of Kung Fu Panda]
-and many more..

And on the 5th floor is a little room with a balcony, just for your lovely VC and tough Captain.
This is where we discuss the Division every week.
(Yes, you guys can read this part of the stuff :p)

Everyone can get a room, just sign up for one by Pm'ing me or Haru.

The blueprint:

Ground level: Lounge & Garden

First Floor: Dorms

Second Floor: Captain & Vice-Captain Offices and Conference Room

Third Floor: Fitness Centre & Training Room

Forth Floor: The Restaurant &the Cinema Corner

Fifth Floor (only accessable by Haru or me): Inner Sanctum


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