What's up Buttercup? {9th Intros and "About Me"s}

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What's up Buttercup? {9th Intros and "About Me"s}

Post by Raine Eve on Sat Sep 27, 2008 9:26 pm

As Captain I would like to officially welcome everyone to the 9th Division! Long live the Buttercup Division of Oblivion! X3 I hope you enjoy everything within our divvy. ^^ First off I would like it if all members would take the time to fill out this little survey and tell us a little about yourselves.

Name: What you wish to be called :p
Age: Just so we all know
About Me: Who you are lol
Activities: What are your favorite things to do?
Interests: Anything and everything you enjoy
Then if you wish some ways we can all keep in touch ^^

Well I'm never really good at these things... ><; But as your Captain I would do anything for my Divvy ^^ So here goes!

Name: Raine Eve. But you may all call me Raine or Taichou works well ^^

Age: 21 Woot woot! XD

About Me: Hmm, so yeah. It's rather hard to describe one's own personality... I'm not your typical chick who just goes with the flow. I enjoy being my own person and letting everyone else know just who I am. I have my quiet, stay at home and cuddle moments as well as my spontaneous, let's go out and dance urges. I have a way of surprising people... Basically a few words to describe me would probably be free-spirited, playful, open-minded, somewhat compulsive XD, intellectual, very artistic, and a little on the adventurous/wild side. Good enough?

Activities: Competitive Horseback Riding, Playing/writing Music, Photography, Web Surfing (forums FTW XD), Painting/Drawing, Crafts in General, Cooking/Baking, Video Games, Exploring The Great Outdoors, Pool/Billiards, Reading, Writing about anything...

Interests: Well if my activities didn't give you a clue here are some of my interests Razz I love music and anything involved with it; writing, listening and creating. Writing in general is one of my passions. I love to write small stories, create characters, and have even begun to some of my own novels that I hope to one day publish. And then there's my equestrian side... Horses are a huge part of my life, especially my own, Raven lol. Oh, I'm also a closeted-geek whose in love anime/manga (well duh XP) and video games >< *squee!* Ahem, anyways... Everything else was covered in activities. X3

So yeah, that's me in a nutshell ^_^ I can't wait to meet everyone else!

MSN : UnrivaledRaven@msn.com
AIM : ForeverFallen347

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Raine Eve
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Re: What's up Buttercup? {9th Intros and "About Me"s}

Post by SONY on Sat Oct 25, 2008 12:10 pm

Name: Sony or Future

Age: 18

About Me: Im the silent type and very serious at times but i can also be very irritatiing and talkative too, i love being original which means i do the craziest things at times just to be seperated from other people(hate being common), my room is where i normaly am just chilling and doing all sorts of things, if there is one word you can use to describe me would be weird or plain crazy, im good with words so from time to time i may come up with cool quotes or weird quotes

Activities: not much, i love playing games, surfing the net, doing anything competitive, writing articles, reading, being the best at making potatoe chips

Interests: i love reading anything that has magic or adventure in it or even love stories, i love games and i do so everyday, im addicted to anime and manga and thats how i found forums, i love writing political articles and i hope they'll get onto a newspaper oneday, potatoe chips are my one true love and making them is an art, i love all sorts of music but im a huge fan of the 80's music like Michael Jackson and John Lennon for example

MSN: sony-ikeda@hotmail.com
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Re: What's up Buttercup? {9th Intros and "About Me"s}

Post by Dantego on Tue Oct 28, 2008 5:01 am


Dantego, Pyro, or just Corey


19 1/2 ( LMAO had to put that for young time sake )

About Me:

Im a pretty cool person. I try to get along with everyone who seems to have an ability to get along with. I do have a very short temper, thanx to the military and many people who i don't agree with completely and the many people i wish would just disappear from my life. If you want to be my enemy, I highly don't advise it because feelings tend to get hurt, and I mean hurt; one particular person whom I am sure many of you are fond of has been hurt by me very bad and I didnt even mean for that to happen. Spur of the moments suck. Anyway enough with the bad stuff, just thought you might want to know boundaries, now with the good stuff! I love to be creative, I love to work with fun people, I love fun people, and I just love people, unless they are like the previously listed lol. I tend to try and not have a problem with people unless they threaten the people I love, which would be like people i regularly talk to, people who are friends, close friends, family, then real family if you know what I mean Very Happy Im glad you took the time to read this Very Happy lol


Let's see, I like WoW(World of Warcraft, Toons are Dantego, Deielthren, and Ramirenez), Im presently participating in the storyline of Dead Space (in other words playing the storyline of the horrific scary game), socializing, drawing, then more other things lol that I can't remember right now lol. Then I have to do homework and then work on cars at work. THEN meh fiancee is my priority over allllllll things Very Happy


I like the eragon trilogy, although I have to read almost both the 1st books to read Brisnger (can't remember if that's how that elvish special word is spelled, thats bad), I like drawing when i get in the mood and can remember how, like trying to teach myself how to play the guitar, then attempt to even try at the violin lol, of course i like watching anime like Bleach, Vampire Knight, Death Note, and one other I aint watched in a long time someone mentioned to me, something about a death scythe and stuff like that can't remember it was a kinda funny anime, i loved it, I like upgrading my computer and cars whenever i get the money and a chance too *which is frackin rarely* I like working on Computers, networks, and cars, and etc etc, I think i've blabber mouthed enough already, so ttyl!
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Re: What's up Buttercup? {9th Intros and "About Me"s}

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