Soul Society's sparring etiquettes

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Soul Society's sparring etiquettes

Post by babychocospark on Wed Oct 15, 2008 5:52 pm

Sparring Etiquettes

Here on this page, you can see the main etiquettes in sparring as a member. The member who's sparring or the member who's visiting.

1.) Don't go in spars and post messages that are irrelevnt to the topic such as "___ comes in and sits in a nearby rock. "Oooh, this must be a very nice fight to see!", as it adds up to the "unneeded" posts and might make the spar unclear and it might annoy the people who are sparring.

2.) No GodModing. It's been said so many times.

What is God Moding?

God Moding is when you post in a spar or in an RP in which you give yourself authority to control another player's character without their permission or attacking more amount of damage than normal or attacking twice without letting the opponent hit you back in return.
By attacking twice and not letting the opponent hit you back will allow them to cause damage of the same amount back to you.

3.) Have your proper Zanpakutou information posted in your Division's zanpakutou Dossier or in another official Zanpakutou dossier.

To be able to fight well, you must have a zanpakutou that is appropriate, by saying appropriate, it meant that it should fit your level. In that, it meant that the abilities, passive and active alike, should be a unique one and has been approved (if ever your division requires zanpakutou approval before you can use it).

4.) Don't exceed beyond your kidou limits.

Each member has their kidou limits, and you should know them first before you can spar. Of course, we should know them too, just in case that we see you going in beyond your rank limits, then we'd be reporting you to your Captain. ^^

5.) Don't push yourself beyond your real strength.

It's nature that higher ranking officers are stronger than lower ones, though it might not be a significant if they're almost equal, well, there's still a difference. Know your limits pertaining to your rank.

Note to all: If you see members who are not abiding to these sparring etiquettes, please to take the time to remind them of what you think they should be doing. ^^

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