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General Rules

Post by SHEROXX on Mon Oct 13, 2008 7:38 am

So here you have the chance to expose your artwork as it is in digital graphs, drawing, painting, video making and/or writing. Therefore, there are some rules to respect...

1- Respect the work of others. Some here give their souls and hearts in to their work. Criticism won't be allowed. Therefore feedback is highly appreciated!

2- Do not expose the work of another artist without mentioning to who it belongs and the source (link).

3- Do not create a thread for each single art work you have done. It would be too much for nothing. Put all your works in one single thread please. Unless you're a multi-art artist, you may put all your digital graphs in one thread and all your drawings in a second one, etc.

4- Respect the general rules of BW.

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