Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Post by Riku Izumi on Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:08 pm

Please take you time to read this and remember to follow them all:

1. Signatures and Avatars
Signatures that exceeds the dimensions of 500(w) x 200(h) will be asked to be removed. Avatars can not exceed 150(w) x 150(h) and 64KB filesize.

2. Watch Your Language
I don't mind swearing but please keep it to a minimum. I don't want to see "F-ing this, F-ing that" all over the place.

3. No Abuse
Personal attacks such as verbal abuse, mocking of members, "religion bashing" etc. are not tolerated.

4. No Spamming
Don't ever post a 1 word posts ie. "lol", "rofl", "yes", "no" ect.
Please post a minimum 10 word posts.

5. No Explicit Pictures
ie. Pornographic or Extreme Violence or Gore
They are young minds at stake so don't ever post anything like that.

6. Don't Advertise
Never Advertise this site out on site that don't allow it unless you can do it PRIVATELY ie MSN, PM. Advertising on here is acceptable but do not force anyone to go onto them and don't OVER advertise.

Apart from that, please remember to treat everyone else with respect, especially to the Admin's as we WILL ban you if you are constantly breaking rules and being rude.
Please follow these rules, if you are unsure of anything don't be afraid to PM Me or any other Admin.

BW Staff

Admin and Taicho of 2nd Division (aka Captain Kicks Your Butt :p)
King of the Kyuuketsuki Clan
Holder of the Nosebleed Yaoi-force piece XD
Riku and Dio on a quest for their warm american pie XD
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