~ Sparring Rules! ~ {Basic Rules}

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~ Sparring Rules! ~ {Basic Rules}

Post by Raine Eve on Sat Sep 27, 2008 9:01 pm

*Note: To spar, a member must post their Zanpakutou in the Zanpakutou Hall first!

Basic Sparring Rules

1.The Taichou, Fukutaichou and 3rd Seat are the only ones allowed Bankai. The 4th and 5th seats will be allowed to use it, but only after they prove themselves in a spar against either myself or the acting Fukutaichou.

2. Only seated members are allowed to use Shikai. That is only seated members can fully release their Zanpakutou. Though Recruits can release their Zanpakutou for 5 posts max.

3. There is to be absolutely
NO GOD-MODING! I am pretty strict when it comes to this policy... If you have ANY questions on what is or is not considered god-moding then ask me prior to posting; as every post in which it is present the god-moder will be demoted that many seats.

4. Kidou Usage... *Be sure to read the Kidou Rules as well!

Recruits ~ Can use Kidou up to level 33
10th-15th Seat ~ Will be able to use Kidou up to 54
9th-5th Seat ~ Can use Kidou up to 73
Captain-4th Seat ~ Can use kidou up to 90, though a level 90 for the 3rd and 4th Seat will not be at full power

These are simple rules to abide by so please do so ^_^

If you have any questions you can always find me in my office ^^

~ Raine-Taichou
Raine Eve
Captain {2nd Espada} [ADMIN]
Captain {2nd Espada} [ADMIN]

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