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Cero Guide

Post by Vasto Lorde Raizen Kumori on Sat Sep 27, 2008 8:47 pm

Many seem to think there is only one type of Cero (with the exception of the Espada's Gran Rey Cero) but that isn't the case. Here I have listed all different types of Cero for Arrancars/Hollows to use in a spar.

Normal Cero: This is barely charged, and is the weakest form of Cero, normally used by the average Hollow.

Fully Charged Cero: The powerful Cero that is rarely used by average Hollows, and is mostly used by Menos Grande class Hollows (mostly used by Gillian levels)

Double Cero: A Cero being fired from each hand at the same time. For a single target, both can be put together to form one giant blast. Only used by Adjuchas level Hollows/Arrancars and stronger.

Cero Doble: Not to be confused with Double Cero. Cero Doble is a technique used to absorb an incoming Cero, and mix it with the absorbers own reiatsu, firing it back and essentially doubling its power. Used by Nel in the anime/manga, this technique is only allowed to a few who prove themselves with excellent RP skills.

Multi-beam Cero: Uses one hand, but produces more than one blast at the same time. Mainly used by Vasto Lorde Hollows/Arrancars

Gran Rey Cero: Essentially the most powerful Cero of all. Only used by the Espada's and can be customized after it has been mastered. otherwise, they're all at the same level of power. Though A Gran Rey Cero from a Vasto Lorde level Espada would automatically be twice as powerful.
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