9th Division Seats and Rankings

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9th Division Seats and Rankings

Post by Raine Eve on Sat Sep 27, 2008 8:46 pm

As it stands right now these are the rankings as of this moment...

Captain: Raine Eve
Vice-Captain: TBD

Seated Officers:

3rd Seat ~ Eljin Dreykin
4th Seat ~ SONY
5th Seat ~ Dantego
6th Seat ~
7th Seat ~
8th Seat ~
9th Seat ~
10th Seat ~
11th Seat ~
12th Seat ~
13th Seat ~
14th Seat ~
15th Seat ~

(Up to 10)

(5 max until moved to member status)
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Captain {2nd Espada} [ADMIN]

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