Ye Old Tome of Quincy Abilities

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Ye Old Tome of Quincy Abilities

Post by Sakuya Ishida on Tue Sep 30, 2008 6:37 pm

*This is obviously not done. I am working on it bit by bit. It will be stickied upon completion*

In this book the secrets of the Quincy abilities can be found. It seems to be very old, as it is bound in wearing leather, the pages are yellowing, and it was written in scrolling calligraphy. It is probably like...a gazillion years old.

*Please make sure to read this before proceeding with any spars you may have.*

Power Types
The Quincy are all gifted from birth with one of three talents. These talents are as listed:

- Protector
- Defender
- Healer

Each of these powers is unique and manifests differently in each Quincy. The strongest find a happy medium of all three of these talents. Let us now break down each of these talents with a proper description:

The protector is an offensive type of fighter. They use all of the resources around them in order to defeat their foes. They use all available weapons to the Quincy, whether it be a bow or a sword. The protector willingly takes the front lines to protect their people at all costs.

The Defender is clearly a defensive type fighter. Their power manifests in the form of a shield in order to block attacks on not only themselves but their allies. The weapon of choice for this talent is often a sword or a bludgeoning object such as an axe or mace.

The Healer is the most rare and most prized talent of the three. Healers not only have the ability to save lives on the battle field but the higher levels often have two talents, being able to defend or protect at the same time. Healers are a valuable part of any Quincy team, but because of this are often the largest target.

Quincy Hierarchy *This is subject to change for now*
The Quincy ranking system has and will always be as such:

The Triumverate
Quincy Leader
The most knowledgeable and skilled of the Quincy. He will guide his people down the proper path with the assistance of his loyal advisors, the elders.
(Talents- Most powers are available to this person)

The Elders
There shall always be two elders in order to make sure all opinions are heard by the leader before any major decisions are made. With the leader, these three men form the Quincy Triumverate.
(Talents - two main talents with one sub-talent. Final Form)

The Officers
The Quincy Elite
Soldiers that have proved themselves worthy of the higher ranks become officers, the most talented and skilled of the Quincy.
(Talents - One main and one sub-talent.)

The Soldiers
Soldat des Kreuzes (Solider of the Cross)
These warriors are the future of the Quincy race. Young and still inexperienced, they must train to hone their skills and gain knowledge in order to one day become Elite.
(Talents - One main talent. Starting work on a sub talent)

The Apprentices
These Quincy are the youngest and are still novices to their craft. Through hard work and dedication they shall find themselves moving through the ranks with ease.
(Talents - One weak talent)

*Weapon abilities to be added soon! Please ask me if you are unsure if you can use certain weapons at your level!*
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